I remember my old days when we did not have many options in terms of extracurricular activities. At that time, We had to adjust with available hobby classes only, like art and craft, dance etc. But today we have an unnumberable of options for hobby classes. From online music classes to online coding classes you can find incalculable options for your child.

If we talk about Online music classes, they can play a vital role in your child’s development. Adding music lessons to your child’s schedule is a knowledgeable decision for your child’s learning. In this way, music learning can boost confidence, academia and good manners in your child. 

For a long time there has been a tie between academic success and musical training, Yet there are other advantages too.

Here are some more good reasons for learning music:

online music classes

The Benefits of learning music to children

Learning music develops the brain sharp

Did you know? 78% of Americans feel learning a musical instrument aids students to perform better in academics.  Even in distinct studies, it has been proven that the children who study music are more victorious. And grab better grades in school. 

Music learning develops the left side of the brain. Which is responsible for reasoning and processing language. Whether your child is 3 plus or 10 plus online music classes can be beneficial at every stage of life. With practice and hard work, your child can learn an elite life lesson and reach his goals easily. 

Improve your child’s social skill with music classes

According to Dr. Alexandra Lamont, who is Lecturer in the Psychology of Music at the University of Keele, “Children who take part in music develop higher levels of social cohesion and understanding of themselves and others,” 

Children often learn music in a group to develop teamwork skills. So that all students learn how to work together amicably. In group sessions, children learn how to communicate and interact with new people. When your child is small, he may not understand this completely. But subconsciously, your child will learn wisdom, which can be integrated into society as your child ages. 

online music classes

Music learning helps in mathematical concepts 

According to  Professor Gordon Shaw from the University of California, ‘When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions.’  

There is clearly a link between math and music. When your child starts playing an instrument, he starts understanding ratios and fractions also. Here is the list of skill that will promote absorption of mathematical concepts in your child

  • Tone 
  • Harmonies 
  • Symbols 
  • Patterns 
  • Intervals 
  • Rhythm 
  • Counting

Moreover, Music learning is a perfect memory exercise for your child. With Online music classes, your child’s short and long term memory also increases. So when they start studying for exams later in life they will not get so much difficulty in memorizing academic syllabus.

Make Music your child’s hobby

When you teach your child music you give them a lifelong hobby. Which they will appreciate later in their life. Once your child starts learning the basics of playing an instrument, they start enjoying their online music classes. And this is the best way to keep them away from harmonious online games. If you encourage your child by listening to them or singing with them, they will develop their music skill very quickly. 

All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a better world where this potential can flourish.  

online music classes

MUZK – The perfect platform for online music learning

If you are searching for a safe and seamless online platform for your child, then your search has come to an end. Muzk can aid your child with the best online music education. Whether your child wants to learn singing or musical instruments or both, we have experienced musicians who can teach your child from basic to advanced level very easily. 

You can book a free demo with Muzk and start an online music course with us within minutes.

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